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Most Important 3C’s to be a Successful Person

Every one is dreaming about success. Each day we are moving forward, step closer to the success because we are so focused on our objectives but we are not getting 100% success.

That could be reason of 3C’s


Less confidence does not lead to success. Lack of confidence results in inaction and not standing up for oneself. It results in missed chances and setting the bar too low. Believing in yourself is what allows you to rise up and reach your potential.

Few things you should adopt to be more confident :

  • Drive to start things
  • Ability to stand UP for Oneself
  • Ability to say NO
  • Ignore Fear
  • Stretch Your Limits
  • Believing in Winning


By definition, consistency is mostly referred to as adherence to the same principles in a steadfast way. It is a pattern in human behavior, which holds the most important place in every sphere of life. Consistency is the key to success no matter what you are doing.

Here are few points which will be because of Consistency :

  • Consistency allows for measurement
  • Consistency creates accountability
  • Consistency establishes your reputation
  • Consistency makes you relevant
  • Consistency maintains your message


Good Communication are key to success in life, work and relationships. Without effective communication, a message can turn into error, misunderstanding, frustration, or even disaster by being misinterpreted or poorly delivered.

Communication is the process by which we exchange information between individuals or groups of people. It is a process where we try as clearly and accurately as we can, to convey our thoughts, intentions and objectives.

Communication is successful only when both the sender and the receiver understand the same information.

Acquiring good communication skills :

  • Know what you want to say and why
  • How will you say it
  • Listen First
  • Reach Understanding, Agreement or consensus

I personally achieved success (Whatever I have) based on these 3 C’s :)

Attitude Makes Successful

Our success in life is directly proportional to the number of people we serve and the quality of that service (Earl Nightingale)

Its a simple principle of life that may seem to be so simple as to be-self-evident, it’s surprising the number of people who don’t seem to be unaware that it applies to them. But, like any natural law, it does apply, to everyone.

We normally plan for success in our life, look for creative ways to increase our level and quality of service to others. Read on to learn some practical ideas and strategies that you can begin using today to increase the value you provide to others.

Measuring Our Services :

To illustrate the relationship between service and compensation, he used the image of an apothecary scale — the type of measuring device once used in pharmacies in the early part of the 20th century.

It consisted of two bowls, hung from a horizontal arm. In one bowl, the pharmacist placed the medicine to be weighed. In the other bowl, he or she placed precisely calibrated metal weights, until the two sides of the scale were in balance — in other words, until the arm was perfectly horizontal.

Focus On Service, Not Compensation : 

Most of the people who complain about the lack of pay, fulfillment and opportunity in their careers are victims not of their jobs, but of the attitudes they hold about their jobs. In other words, these people are focusing their attention on the wrong side of the scale.

In order to increase our compensation, we must develop creative ways to increase our services — and in so doing, set in motion a positive “boomerang effect” of increasing returns to ourselves.

For those who understand this principle, life is a grand adventure. These unique souls focus on the service side of the scale, and superior compensation follows in turn, in proportion to their service.

Strategies for Improving Our Services : 

There are many creative ways to do this. One of the best strategies is to engage in continuous, ongoing learning in your field of study as well as other areas of interest to you. By developing a mindset of continuous learning, you are constantly feeding the raw material pile of your mind, which it can then draw upon when you’re brainstorming.

Align Ourselves with Opportunity : 

Opportunities and ideas don’t come into your life dressed as shiny gems or diamonds. Rather, they tend to appear like diamonds in the rough, or as opportunities dressed in work clothes.

In other words, it’s easy to look right at a situation that contains a potential opportunity, and overlook it. On the other hand, if you know what you’re looking for, you can uncover these opportunities, often right under your own nose.

You must then use your creative thinking and problem solving skills to hone them and shape them into the successes they will one day become.

Organizing Agile Conference in 3 months

No doubt it was a big challenge to organize a national level Agile Conference Pakistan ACP2015 in only 3 months.

Yes that is right that we started preparation of conference from 2nd week of August and set a date of conference 14th November. At that time, we were no idea that which sort of speakers or topics we can focus for the conference. Rizwan Abbas initiated talk with Barkan Saeed (CEO of Vizteck Solutions) and we call first meet-up to organize the ACP2015 which was in 2nd week of August.

We roughly made a list of speakers, send invitation and mutually decided a date (a very difficult moment because few were available on a date and few were not) but anyway, after deciding a date we set our next goal with speakers and organizers.

After all these things, now our focus was on two things majorly and those are audience and stationary.

For marketing we request to Vizteck Solution’s team to provide us the banners and they did great job and provided the banners in only 2 working days. We published and people came to know on Facebook, twitter and linked about the conference.

For printing material, we request to Jibran Bin Dawood to provide us design of File folder, cards, certificates, shields and main pana-flex.

Overall, we got good response from the invited people and got 225+ registrations in which we got 140+ participants in ACP2015.

The conference went great and started at 9.30 AM PST by the host Kashif-Ur-Rehman and Talawat recited by Baber Ali.

First speaker was Adeel Ali CEO at ClickChain and shared his success stories of Agile implementation in American Airline and other organizations.

Second speaker was Ather Imran CEO at Sybrid (A group of Lakson Companies) and shared his knowledge on Agile Culture. He gave lot of tips to make/improve Agile Culture in offices which supports to improve progress rapidly.

Third speaker was Suhail Iqbal CEO at SysComp Intl and shared his knowledge on Agile The Way Forward. Most of the session was based on LeAgile. It was new thing for most of the participants.

Fourth speaker was Majd-Uddin Sr. Quality Manager at Bentley Systems and he not only share his knowledge in English but also in Arabic, Urdu and Farsi. Presented his session actively and awaken all audience. He shared knowledge that how we can do testing in Agile environment and improve the productivity

Fifth speaker was Mohsin Lodhi IFC World Bank Certified Trainer and provide corporate level training to C-level officers. He shared his knowledge on Emotional Intelligence which support to building relations in Agile teams.

Sixth session was a panel discussion hosted by Barkan Saeed CEO at Vizteck Solutions and guests were Kashif Mueen CTO at Zigron, Owais Anjum President at Open Islamabad and Nauman Faridi VP at DPL. Discussion was on Agile Principles in Pakistan and how company/organization can build good and interactive agile teams.

It was last hour of the ACP2015 and on behalf of organizers I shared few of thoughts with all participants that everyone should contribute and take interest to be part of contribution.

I also, introduced my all organizing team and shields presented by Suhail Iqbal to all organizing team.

Also, it was last day of Chairman of society and chairmanship shifted to Suhail Iqbal for one year.

At end, Owais Anjum President at Open Islamabad invited for closing note in which he motivated to contribute positively in country’s progress.

We did few group photos and certificates were handed over to all participants.

Adeel Iqbal, Jawad Shah and Mirza Raheel did great job at help desk in morning  to provide conference cards and file folders and in evening provided certificates.

We got feedback from our participants and overall they love this conference. Also, participants suggested to do more knowledge sharing sessions or conference so people can get connected with others and these sessions are helpful to all participants.

Some of participants shared their feedback that sitting capacity was little bit less and that was because of 20+ participants confirmed on last day evening so it was small mess-up.

So again, it was little bit difficult to organize a conference in 3 months which should be minimum 1 year plan but I specially thanks to all Speakers, Sponsors, Organizers and Volunteers.







Platinium Sponsors

Gold Sponsors



For photos and presentations of speakers, please keep visited confernece website ACP2015

For regular updates, please join society by registering at

How to Re-Try

I have read many blog posts where authors have shared their views about to start a task or activity.

They have shared few tips or instructions to complete the task / activity successful.

Of course many people follow the tips/instructions and try to complete the task but there is no help for those who failed and now how to re-try.

So I would like to share my views about Re-try.

We need  to follow 3R methodology.

Review : Note down the things/activities in the last try and which are right and wrong. Try to do in correct way which were wrong and try to do in a better way which were right.


Refresh : Check with tutorials or seniors to refresh the overall methodology so next try should be successful


Re-try : We cannot learn from our mistakes till we do not Re-try and get success. so after every iteration, we need to re-try. (like an ant)


At end, I would like to request you all readers, to share your views about these R’s