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Dialogue is the key to Agile Success
A common problem faced by IT companies during adapting agility is that clients are not much up to date about
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How to set default editor to open files from Filezilla
Issue Filezilla opens file in notepad and its non-formatted file so we do not get idea about the indents  
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Programmer should have 4 Qualities
Programmers are very good in logic building and coding while they lack in soft skills. Worth of Programmer Programmer having
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Attended PSQC18 – Pakistan Software Quality Conference 2018 in Lahore
Opening Notes Keynote talk by Nahil Mahmood on Software Security Transformation, he initiated that if the software is not secure then we
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Presented A Talk on Backlog Management Checklist at #AgilePK Session
I have been invited to present a talk on Backlog Management Checklist as there are many misconceptions in IT industry
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Beta Testing of Mobile App by Code For Pakistan
It was really great to attend Beta Testing Session of a Mobile App by Code For Pakistan. I got invitation
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mentor at air-tech-17
Mentor in AirTech17 at Air University, Islamabad
I have been invited by Sidra Jalil (Director Operations at Code for Pakistan) and Fazaila Ali (QEC coordinator at Air
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It was in graduation days around 2002-2003 when SAAS was much familiar term and we were taught to make software
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4th Agile Conference Pakistan at Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai Auditorium, Islamabad
This year, I was not involved in the execution of the event but I was in back up mode. I
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