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A person with gutts and ability to do a lot of frameworks..... Naveed bahi is a good mentor..... I always feel him in good shape of excellent teacher.... He is a hardworking guy.... A man built with concepts....God Bless him and may give him a lot more then he deserve... AMIN

Aftab Hamid   

Naveed Bhaee is a good person but not so and it is white lie that he teaches free he does not teache me .i dont beleave that he teaches propleand this is not fair to say him Simple he is not simple coz he is SAEEN LOG and there is lack of difference between simple and SAEEN....m i right naveed bhaee.i've studied him deeply and he is not very simple.....he is stylish......too much stylish.... and his weak point is that he thinks all the time thats y he pays less attention to present things and present world infact he always lives in his world and he dont like to interfare his world.....TO be Continued


I worked 2,3 months with Sir Navead...literaly he is very gorgeous person..
very good communicator, Excellent Tutor.. ..He Reply me quickly whenever I am in trouble...

He is very receptive mind. He behaves like an angle when i got stuck in doing some thing.. He can do every thing he want to do.

Competent Person with beautiful sense of humour and a smile on face always.

My special Prayerz for my lovely teacher Sir Naveed...
My best Wishes with Sir Naveed..

Aiman Javid *   

I have worked with Naveed Ramzan. He has abilities to solve big problems and he he is competent. I'll remember him always in my prayers.

Waqas Ahmad   

Naveed .....A nice friend....Sincere and devoted.....Very funny...and some times very serious....Someone who would help you in every possible way when you need someone to rely on....Quite mature at such an age.....Its a blessing Of Allah to have such a friend...

Sibtain Afzaal   

Well...here I am to talk about Mr.N.Ramzan. As one can see his display pic, he seems to be a rather simple person. In real life he is like this. Wears simple clothes and lives a simple life. His weak point is that he trusts the other person blindly without knowing that is the other one trustworthy or not? This shows how simple he is. He has a good sense of humour and good mind. One thing, coz of which he's popular in the University is his free tution to all. hahaha. This made him popular in the uni by night. As far as the extra carricular activities are concerned, he's a good actor and writer. I feel proud to have him as a friend.

A friend is someone we turn to
when our spirits need a lift.
A friend is someone we treasure
for our friendship is a gift.
A friend is someone who fills our lives
with beauty, joy, and grace.
And makes the whole world we live in
a better and happier place.

Ali Imran Naqvi   

NAVEED BHAI~Well,I don't have any words to explain his great personality! He's so nice!!!!!!!! He is really really really very nice person! very helping,supporting,
and motivating.Banda kitni hi tension mei ho in sei baat ker k pur sukoon ho jata hai well In my case its like that..He helped me alot in my studies.A great teacher,and I must say that he has a very nice way to teach someone..infact I had online classes (via microphone) but it was too good n informative chats we had on yahoo n on msn.

And I know, I am not the only one there are others too who will gonna say that HE IS REALLY A NICE PERSON! ALWAYS HELPS IN STUDIES! umm aur kabhi kabhar mazaq bhi acha ker lety hain and yeah one more thing he is a poet too, I never got a chance to check his poetry but I know he must be good in it!..In short! He's the man who deserves love and Respect!

Shumaila Baig   

Naveed Ramzan is competent man he never waste time hardworking and helping to others

Madiha Hameed   

Naveed let me think ...................................................................................oh yeah i naveed is not completed in my world without including bhai yeah........
Naveed bhai is really very very good person
and much more rather than intelligent

I Knows him from last one year and i think i cant forget always remember him in good words.
I pray naveed bhai God help you in your wishes and send a special person (wife) which is like u mean kind helpfull to you.

Zubina Kushf   

I want to say something about you but I have no words to explain your characterstics.
Anyhow I will try.
I have many teachers. Every one has different qualities and personality.
A great teacher is sensitive to their students needs. He can understand their problems and compromise with them and I find all these qualities in you.
You are very nice and frank. You always advise us to work hard for success. Sometimes you changed your behavior but not seriously hurts any one.
I really like sir and always pray for you.
May you live long and always happy.

Sumera Zafar   

Naveed Ramzan

A person who deserve every happines of life

words mein describe karna thora tough ho ga , kionkeh jitnay achay naveed bhai hain unhian likhna thora mushkil hia

Very cool mind person , itnay relaxe ho kar her kam kartay hian samaj nahin ate how he do .

kabi ap bohat tense ho tu naveed bhai se bat karain , u forget ur all tensions at once.

her kisi keh leyeh in keh pass time hia , even i see dat apna kam chor kar he is busy in helping others.

jo dil mein hota hai forun keh daytay hain , very very simple person

he helped me a lot in my studies

he is a person who cares for everyone

have a grip on his profession , u ask any kind of question ?

having a honest feelings for everyone

He is one of the GR8 people of the world

I m proud to be having a friend like him

I wish he gets everything what he desire

lot of prayers for him

Saima Ali   

I have worked with Naveed on a number of projects, which he has proved to be a reliable and professional worker in every sense. Naveed is polite and understanding - a pleasure to work with.

Gerard Essoss   

Naveed is nice person.

Asif Hameed