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Naveed serving clients from US, Canada, Europe, UK, Australia, Asia and MENA regions.

Naveed Ramzan

Naveed is likely to be friendly, outgoing, and a natural people-person. He is likely to be practical and detail-oriented, and he is likely to value harmony and empathy in his interactions with others. He is also likely to be a good listener and to be very conscientious, with a strong sense of responsibility and duty.

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Ahmed Jawad Khan

I have the privilege of working alongside Naveed Ramzan for the past few years at AgilePK, and I am pleased to provide the highest recommendation for his outstanding skills as a professional Agile Coach. Naveed is not only a highly skilled individual but also brings a wealth of industry experience to the table. Naveed's proficiency in Agile methodologies is truly commendable. He has a unique ability to navigate complex projects and guide teams through the intricacies of Agile practices. His expertise extends beyond the theoretical aspects, as he consistently applies practical solutions that significantly contribute to project success. What sets Naveed apart is not only his deep knowledge of Agile frameworks but also his dedication to fostering a collaborative and productive work environment. He effortlessly blends his technical acumen with exceptional interpersonal skills, making him an invaluable asset to any team. In addition to his professional excellence, Naveed's commitment to continuous learning and improvement is evident. He stays abreast of industry trends, ensuring that his approach aligns with the latest advancements in Agile methodologies.

Faisal Baloch

I met him during Agile Pakistan Convention 2023. During the convention he conducted Scrum Master class. He was very methodical and proved his command over Scrum Framework. He possesses an approachable personality. His class and practice material helped me achieve PSM certification. I will recommend his services and wish him good luck for the future.

Hina Ilyas

I have been working with Naveed Ramzan for 2 years now.

He is very friendly and down to earth person and In respect of his talent, analytical skills, many years of hands on experience and most importantly, the leadership skills, Naveed Ramzan has established and efficiently led Development team for many years now.

Naveed is a huge asset to our team and our organizations success.

Bakhtawar Rubab

I have been working with Naveed Ramzan for 3 years now. In virtue of his talent, analytical skills, many years of hands on experience and most importantly, the leadership skills, Naveed Ramzan has established and efficiently led Development team for many years now. I worked with Naveed Ramzan and it is vital for us, the software development team, to be backed up by such professionals to ensure the top quality of the product is never compromised irrespective of its complexity.

By continuous contribution of the Naveed Ramzan, we were able to streamline software development lifecycle and make it way more efficient. Company raise the bar with every software release, which would be impossible without the contribution and the dedication of Naveed Ramzan and his team. I would highly recommend Naveed Ramzan for any challenging proiect of any complexity and tough deadlines.

Rizwan Feroze

Naveed is a fantastic person to work with. Both smart and professional. Experienced, deadline oriented and intelligent person.Naveed is a very productive person and is a multi-skilled person with vast knowledge.

Aymen Abid

The time and effort that you have put in are just amazing. You not only motivate others but also push them to give their all at work. The organization is so blessed to have an employee like you.

Fariz Nawab

Naveed is a highly dedicated professional and a mentor at the same time. He has got some impressive expertise in his domain and a can do attitude.

Rumman Chugtai

I have worked with Naveed Ramzan in AT Technology he was out development manager he is best in his field never let us feel burden in work always their to cheer us up and motivate to work.

Hasnain Chohan

It was a good experience with hands-on experience on Jira and interactive session along with activity to understand the core concepts.

Ishtiaq Khurshid

The Agile Master Class training I recently attended at ACP22 with Agile Pakistan, was a valuable and informative experience. The trainer demonstrated a thorough understanding of Agile methodologies and delivered the content in a clear and engaging manner. The hands-on approach to learning was especially beneficial, as it allowed me to apply the concepts in real-time and reinforced my understanding. The interactive nature of the training fostered a collaborative learning environment, and I appreciated the opportunity to learn from and network with my peers. Overall, I highly recommend this training to anyone looking to expand their knowledge and expertise in Agile methodologies.

Sidra Mir

It was an insightful learning experience to be a part of this ACP'22 Masterclass organized by AgilePK. The training focused on core concepts of developing an Agile Mindset and harboring a Growth Mindset which is a relatively new concept for us that allows professionals to think from a positive & enlarged perspective. The best thing about the training session was the Hands-on learning that enabled us to understand JIRA diversity and how to effectively use it within a SCRUM environment. As we're transitioning fast towards Agile, it is a dire need to understand how SCRUM works & different Roles in detail especially for IT professionals and this session provided just that! Overall, a great initiative and looking forward to a Masterclass especially focused on JIRA Administration!

Muhammad Abbas

I have had the pleasure of working with Naveed as our development manager for the past year, and I can confidently say that He is one of the best managers I have worked with.

Naveed is an exceptional leader who is dedicated to ensuring the success of our development team. He is a great communicator, always keeping the team informed of project updates and goals. He has a wealth of technical knowledge and experience that he leverages to guide the team in making informed decisions.

Naveed is also incredibly supportive of the team's professional growth. He encourages the team to pursue training and development opportunities that will help us enhance our skills and achieve our career goals.

Zeeshan Khalid

Sir Naveed is a full moon in field of IT who shows right path to every one .it was great blessings of Almighty Allah on me to work with him.

Naveed held my hand in difficult times but gently told me what to do, Naveed used to forgive my blunders and guided me properly .
Naveed is recommended with high grades.

Syed Ali Musa

I'm delighted to recommend Naveed Ramzan as an exceptional manager. Having worked under his leadership for four years, I've witnessed his talent for setting realistic goals, attentive listening, and understanding team members' needs.

Naveed's positive energy and motivational skills create a focused and comfortable work environment, making him an invaluable asset to any team.

Kokab Rasool

A positive, experienced person, creative mind with leadership qualities, having innovative skills and last but not least a thoughtful person.

It is pleasurable experience working with Naveed Ramzan in same environment.

I wish him success in future endeavours…

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