• Healthcare industry since 2017: Working in AT-TECH/AT-Medics provides core primary care services, medical training programs for GP trainees and medical students, nurses and allied health professionals, and technology to support effective, modern, and high-quality healthcare delivery. Previously I have been working with EMR (Electronic Medical Record System) which was developed in PHP/MySQL w.r.t max number of stakeholders
  • Service Management since 2013: ITIL Certified, Focusing on service management in IT industry on behalf of beloved country PAKISTAN. Involved in all phases of services and improve the service processes. Provide services on regular basis to few non-profit organizations on a volunteer basis in which design value-added courses and programs and deliver talks.
  • Project Management since 2009: MBA in Project Management from Virtual University of Pakistan. Working in Agile & Traditional project management techniques. Core expertise is projects & team management, planning, organizing, observations, decision making, change management, team building, delivering training, Costing and Budgeting, scheduling, and Communication. From last few years focusing on Agile and executing and providing training/coaching on Agile/SCRUM in IT companies to add Agile values to clients.
  • Software Development since 2006: BS Computer Science (honors) from Virtual University of Pakistan. Working in web development industry (PHP/MySQL) with helping languages (HTML,HTML5, XHTML, CSS2, CSS3, JavaScript, Ajax and Jquery), business, finance, Information portals, E-commerce, classifieds, b2b & b2c websites and having experience in open sources customization.Good grip in open sources (WordPress, Magento, Codeigniter, CakePHP, laravel)
  • Business/Technology Strategist: Plan and manage big/expandable projects aligning business goals with technology solutions to drive process improvements, competitive advantage, and bottom-line gains
  • Excellent Communicator: leverage technical, business, and financial acumen to communicate effectively with client executives and their respective teams. Commonly used hangout, skype, cliq, slack, GoToMeeting and WebEx for communication (depends on client)
  • Expert in Agile and Waterfall project management methodologies: Able to manage large project teams and known for a high-quality deliverable that meets or exceeds timeline and budgetary targets. Provide Agile Coaching to various IT companies, groups and students to they can improve their productivity and transform their client’s requirements into an expected output in a better way.
  • Trainer since 2015: Certified Training & Development, Covering various areas of training such as Technical training such as PHP/MySQL, HTML, CSS, JQuery, API Integration, Web Crawling, Open source Frameworks & E-commerce; Process skills such as project management (Agile / Waterfall); Applications like ERP, CMS, MIS & PHP open sources; General training such as MS Office, Knowledge Management, Time Management, Monitoring and Evaluation, Project Management & course development
  • Volunteer Work: spend 20 hours a month as my belief is to Payback to Pakistan. participate in Pakistan Agile Development Society, CXO Pakistan and Open Islamabad on regular bases


I am Naveed Ramzan and it can be pronounced like “Na-veed Rum-zan”. I love to do research and development (RnD) work for the sake of improvement and refinement. Already completed few RnD projects during my MBA degree program for IT companies and banks. Also conducted a research as a contractual researcher in WHO-PAKISTAN on Information & Communication Technology (ICT) in Health Department.

Having personality ESTJ which is Extraversion (E), Sensing (S), Thinking (T), Judgment (J). (MBTI: Myers Briggs Type Indicator)

Overall its 14th year (2020) working in an IT industry where I have participated to add value in all phases of software development and project management. Got chance to provide in-house training on various opensource and vendor lock tools to groom juniors.

I provide consultancy and solutions to transform idea to a working solution to various clients located in US, Europe, Australia and Asia. It includes software development, project/product/service management, training, maintenance and support.

Further, I am still a learner so I am very keen to attend knowledge sharing sessions/conference in my area and share my lesson learned to my followers.


Degree/Certificate Institute/University Majors Passing Year
 International Certificate Scrum.ORG PSM-1  2021
 International Certificate Axelos / Exin ITIL V3 Foundation  2017
 Certificate Virtual University of Pakistan Training & Development  2017
 MBA Virtual University of Pakistan Project Management  2010
 BS  Virtual University of Pakistan  Computer Science  2006
 HSSC Multan Board General Science 2000
 SSC Multan Board Science Group 1997

Work Experience


  • Managerial Skills :
    • Project Management: following Agile and waterfall, analysis, time estimation, resource allocation, project execution, deployment
    • Team Management: skill development, training, observation, monitoring, counseling, conflict management, communication
    • Knowledge Management: Documentation, presentation, Designing Skill Development Programs
    • Interview Management: Analysis of candidates with respect to required skills, Conducting and creating Results
    • Business management: Setting Objective & Strategies and planning to achievement
    • Good Inter and Intra-personal communication skills
    • Good Decision Making
  • Programming Languages Skills :
    • Back end: PHP, Node
    • Front end: Bootstrap 2/3/4, HTML4/5, CSS2/3, JQuery, Javascript, Ajax (Little bit Angular), VueJS
    • Console: C++
    • Little bit worked: C#, ASP.Net, Java (J2SE, Servlets, JavaBeans, JSP), Visual Basic 6.0, Active Server Pages, Python
  • Database Skills :
    • MySql, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Access, PostgreSQL
    • MongoDB (non-DB)
  • Open Source Skills :
    • Opensource Framework: Laravel, YII, CodeIgniter, CakePHP
    • Opensource CMS: Magento, WordPress, Joomla, OsCommerce, Drupal, SalesForce, Moodle, OrangeHRM
  • Tools/Packages Skills :
    • Project Management: Jira, Trello, Redmine, Slack, Teamwork, GitLab, Monday.com
    • Version Control: Git, GitHub, GitLab, SourceTree, BitBucket, VSS, TortoiseSVN
    • IDE(s): Sublime, Eclipse, Dreamweaver, Komodo, Netbeans
    • MS Office: 2003, 2007, 2013, 2016
    • Libre Office: 4, 5
    • Graphics Designing: Adobe Photoshop, Coral Draw, Macromedia Flash
    • Urdu Composing: InPage
  • Operating System Skills :
    • Windows: XP, 7, 10
    • Linux: Ubuntu, Mint


Volunteer Work

Still A Learner

I am a fast learner who adapts quickly to change and eager to learn new methods and procedures, work as an effective team member. To continue the learning objectives, I attend various knowledge sharing sessions, meet ups, conferences and workshops. More about my learnings

Research Papers

  • Usage of ICT in Government Hospitals : Supervision of WHO-Pakistan (2011)
  • Employee’s Behavior affects on productivity in an organization : Part of MBA Degree (2010)
  • Organization’s Strategies are valuable for identifying correct direction : Part of MBA Degree (2010)
  • How a team lead effects on organization’s progress : Part of MBA Degree (2009)
  • Impact of employee’s Job Satisfaction on customer’s satisfaction : Part of MBA Degree (2009)


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