Analysis of PHP OpenSources

Analysis of PHP OpenSources

PHP Open Sources has reduced our development time but of course grip looses on automatic procedures.

We have advantages and disadvantages of every thing. Here I am going to share   a small analysis about PHP Open Sources.

  • WordPress
    • Advantages
      • Easy to setup a website
      • Available a lot of themes, install by 2 clicks
      • Available a lot of plug-in(s), install by 2 clicks
      • Having few knowledge of PHP,HTML and CSS
      • Nice interface of changing content of pages and posts
      • Easy to reach Google First Page
    • Disadvantages
      • Frequently updates available which may effects your website
      • Word press developer won’t find easiest system to make changes in core PHP files
      • Its concept of blog so easy to manage blog but various other concept websites are little bit difficult in WordPress
      • A lot of plug-in(s) already developed but if you want to develop as per your requirement its not much easy
  • Magento
    • Advantages
      • Big Community of Developers
      • Fast Growing
      • Excellent Support
      • A lot of Extensions are available which are easy to install
      • Herarichal MVC architecture
    • Disadvantages
      • Architecture turns to JAVA Application
      • Not much fast application
      • A lot of Complexity due to core and inherited layer of interface
      • A lot of extra options for a lay man on installation

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