Attended PSQC18 – Pakistan Software Quality Conference 2018 in Lahore

Opening Notes

  • Keynote talk by Nahil Mahmood on Software Security Transformation, he initiated that if the software is not secure then we are unable to judge the quality of software. So handling along functional and non-functional requirement  in software development, we have to focus on all level of security too.
    Lesson Learned: Need to study more about software security
  • In opening talks, Dr. Uzair presented the Revolution of Testing from last few decades and it was really nice to see the revolution step by step.


  • Qaisar Munir from Stewart shared his talk on Performance Testing in which he explained a case study and the steps they followed in their company to measure performance testing.
  • Ahmad Bilal Khalid shared his talk on Agile Test Manager in which he shared all those statement which we frequently hear in our daily life in office like not to accept new things and only focus on oldies and the things we have studied.
    Lesson Learned: We need to forgot few things to learn new things.
  • Next talk was on Regression Testing by Saba Touqir in which she shared her experience that regression testing can be done in a better way in Agile environment based on 4 Rs (Reduce, Recycle, Reuse and Recover).
    Lesson Learned: 4 Rs
  • A very well presented story of Asim by Ali Khalid on the topic To be Technical or not that how to learn step by step testing and then automate testing, which tools should be learned and the main thing Asim should focus it desgin algorithms as language doesn’t matter but logic matters.
    Lesson Learned: Focus on designing algorithms
  • Next talk was on Power of Cucumber by Salman Saeed in which he shared his experience and guided new comers or manual testers that they should use cucumber to automate testing as cucumber is very easy. He shared few slides of syntax and how cucumber works
    Lesson Learned: Learn Cucumber

After Lunch Break

  • A real challenge has been addressed by Farah Gul on Distributed Teams in which she has elaborated about the challenges of distributed teams due to different time zones, communication barriers, regional barriers and she suggested solution to these so production shouldn’t effect negatively.
    Lesson Learned: Manage in a better way instead of fed-up with the situation
  • A pure technical talk by Amir Shahzad on Back-end testing with Mocha in which he described about the usage and benefits of Mocha. Mocha is very powerful and useful tool to test back-end APIs
    Lesson learned: Need to learn about Mocha
  • A very appreciable session by Arsala Dilshad on on ETL Testing because it was her first time to present up to 200 professionals and she did it perfect and enjoyed the talk. She shared her experience of ETL of data and its testing. Few steps were shared to confirm the data before and after ETL.
  • There was another interaction session named 2 cents in 2 minutes in which host announced to get register who want to share their experience and share in the end of conference day in 2 cents session. There were around 20 participants who shared interesting points and thoughts.
    Lesson Learned : Don’t be shy, say anything you have in mind.
  • A very interesting talk by Bilal Anjum on Melting pot of Emotional and Behavioral Intelligence in which he shared their organization TeraData working style and solutions based on Big Data and Business Intelligence which are linked with customer’s emotions / activities.
    Lesson Learned : Get good grip on Big Data and Business Intelligence because these are the future.

Closing Note

  • A motivational note by Majd Uddin in which he shared a motivational poem “Ho naheen jaanda, karna painda aye” by Munnu Bhai in which there 2 motivational points for us.
    Lesson Learned : Leave your comfort zone and Change your attitude from “Will Do” to “Do It”



During the day we enjoyed 2 Hi-tea(s) and one delicious lunch in which we did discussions with speakers and friends.


Note: The talk(s) which I didn’t learned any thing doesn’t mean that talk have nothing but it means that I was not present in that talk 🙂