Being President of AgileISB

I was not ready to be President but somehow based on the voting of valuable members of Islamabad chapter I was elected.

I played vital role in Pakistan Agile Development Society since 2014 with a motive of Payback to Pakistan while now the society was growing fast and the chairman of society for tenure (2019-2020) led the task of structuring society

No doubt it was not an easy job to transform the society and people who have joined from early days but yes once the charter was finalized by the majority of chapters and then YES everyone was willing to do.

That’s what Agile is all about the MINDSET. Mindset helps to be transformed and achieve the new goals.

Yes there are few changes in my life being President as I was playing multiple roles for Islamabad chapter but now I am doing scrum master role and the team perform their tasks.

We define our sprint of 3 months (25 hours) and do retrospective once in a quarter to see how our charts are going up or down.

Its really nice experience and I am enjoying my tenure.

I wish to do more for society and my beloved country.