Talk in Comsats Islamabad on ICT

It is very confusing for everyone to start a degree program and not have a clear picture in which field I/we should make a career. Even though there are a lot of fields and we came across from different people that these are fields in which we can grow or get more money but still …

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2020 Learnings

The year 2020 is marked by crisis, disease, pandemic, fear, uncertainty, and life-threatening situations. To stay positive, take the time to get used to the new normal. To have the same productivity as before, take the time you need and possibly speak with your mentors. Self-Organizing Skills The days can be very busy: work, children, …

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Organizing ACP19 in Islamabad

Agile Conference Pakistan was 6th annual event by Pakistan Agile Development Society which was founded in 2014. in 2019, national board of society authorize Islamabad chapter to organize in Islamabad. Being President of Islamabad Chapter, It was an honor for me to do in 2019 as society was recently transformed into a proper structure in …

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Honor speech at #WomenInQA

I was invited by Mariam Aslam (Founder of WomenInQA) for its first 2 days training. Objective of training was to provide a full essence of Quality Assurance to the participants who are beginner and medium level of their careers. Around 30+ participants joined the training along their laptop and the speakers or presenters belongs to …

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Dialogue is the key to Agile Success

A common problem faced by IT companies during adapting agility is that clients are not much up to date about Agile Project Management. Of course they are concerned with the output instead of process. Clients are focused to get their problem solved  and are less interested about knowing the process itself. (Agile, Waterfall or any …

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Attended PSQC18 – Pakistan Software Quality Conference 2018 in Lahore

Opening Notes Keynote talk by Nahil Mahmood on Software Security Transformation, he initiated that if the software is not secure then we are unable to judge the quality of software. So handling along functional and non-functional requirement  in software development, we have to focus on all level of security too. Lesson Learned: Need to study more about software …

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Presented A Talk on Backlog Management Checklist at #AgilePK Session

I have been invited to present a talk on Backlog Management Checklist as there are many misconceptions in IT industry with respect to Agile and its roles. My fellow Mr. Syed Ahsan Ahmad presented real agile challenges while my talk focused only on the checklist. I shared Product owner and Team Members are directly involved with …

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