Project Management


Challenges Faced in Team Dynamics

Group elements can be a complicated and multifaceted trap of communications, and various difficulties can emerge that block the group’s viability. Here are a few normal issues: Lack of Openness and Idea Acceptance: In many teams, a significant challenge is the reluctance of some senior members to accept ideas from their junior counterparts. This lack …

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Performing an Agile Health Check

Agile methodologies have become increasingly popular in today’s dynamic and fast-paced business environment. To ensure the continued success and effectiveness of Agile practices within an organization, it is essential to conduct regular health checks. These health checks help assess the overall well-being of Agile teams, the organization’s Agile processes, and its alignment with client expectations. …

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AI-based task management tools can automate repetitive tasks.

Simulated intelligence-based tasks the board apparatuses can essentially smooth out and computerize different parts of undertaking the executives, permitting project supervisors to focus on more vital and esteem-added exercises. This is the way man-made intelligence can assist with computerizing tedious errands and let loose an undertaking chief’s time: Task Assignments: AI can assist in assigning …

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Agile Mindset in Agile Faisalabad

I visited Faisalabad multiple times but enjoyed in September 2022 and the reason was to discuss how mindset plays a vital role to approach your goal and also talked about fixed mindset and growth mindset with the agile community of the Faisalabad chapter. The audience was not only IT-related but also the C-Level leadership of …

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Training Session at Riphah University IEEE Conference

Hello to the learners, in March 2022, I was invited by Riphah University Islamabad at their IEEE annual event. So I planned to conduct an activity-based training session on “Scrum with Jira”. It was a 1-day training session, I held this activity about Agility. Agile is a project management approach that emphasizes collaboration, flexibility, and …

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2020 Learnings

The year 2020 is marked by crisis, disease, pandemic, fear, uncertainty, and life-threatening situations. To stay positive, take the time to get used to the new normal. To have the same productivity as before, take the time you need and possibly speak with your mentors. Self-Organizing Skills The days can be very busy: work, children, …

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Organizing ACP19 in Islamabad

Agile Conference Pakistan was 6th annual event by Pakistan Agile Development Society which was founded in 2014. in 2019, national board of society authorize Islamabad chapter to organize in Islamabad. Being President of Islamabad Chapter, It was an honor for me to do in 2019 as society was recently transformed into a proper structure in …

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