Talk in Comsats Islamabad on ICT

It is very confusing for everyone to start a degree program and not have a clear picture in which field I/we should make a career. Even though there are a lot of fields and we came across from different people that these are fields in which we can grow or get more money but still …

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2020 Learnings

The year 2020 is marked by crisis, disease, pandemic, fear, uncertainty, and life-threatening situations. To stay positive, take the time to get used to the new normal. To have the same productivity as before, take the time you need and possibly speak with your mentors. Self-Organizing Skills The days can be very busy: work, children, …

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10 Tips to Launch Successful Product

Today we all hear words like transformation, advancements, and recreation in business. Have you ever wondered what companies meant by saying such words? The answer is one key message which is ‘Bringing Business Transformation’. In this fast-moving world, the old yet conventional method of conducting business is fading away. The primary reason is the evolving …

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Consultancy to Full-Time job

In the early years of college and university, young adults are enthusiastic about enjoying their college lives to the full. They have so many options while choosing their career once they are graduated. As soon as graduation is near and their bubble is about to burst, they see the challenges that they are about to …

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Faisalabad University 6th Feb 2020

Defeat your Failure at Faisalabad University

We all fail in our daily life activities and we do not usually learn from our failures. A very quote is Either you will earn or learn so it means there is no failure but we need to make our learning mindset from failures too. I failed many times and I kept my motivation to …

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Dialogue is the key to Agile Success

A common problem faced by IT companies during adapting agility is that clients are not much up to date about Agile Project Management. Of course they are concerned with the output instead of process. Clients are focused to get their problem solved  and are less interested about knowing the process itself. (Agile, Waterfall or any …

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Most Important 3C’s to be a Successful Person

Every one is dreaming about success. Each day we are moving forward, step closer to the success because we are so focused on our objectives but we are not getting 100% success. That could be reason of 3C’s Confidence Less confidence does not lead to success. Lack of confidence results in inaction and not standing …

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