Faisalabad University 6th Feb 2020

Defeat your Failure at Faisalabad University

We all fail in our daily life activities and we do not usually learn from our failures.

A very quote is

Either you will earn or learn

so it means there is no failure but we need to make our learning mindset from failures too.

I failed many times and I kept my motivation to more learning and positive mindset that’s why Alhumdulilah I am at very good place and trying to give more to the society.

I know you have a question in mind that how to make learning or positive mindset even in failure so answer is very simple that we need to keep a deep breath and think on:

Believe in Allah Talah: Being Muslim, it is our believe that what ever will be happening in our life that is written by Allah Talah and nothing can be happen without Allah’s will. We need to accept everything as Allah’s will.

Nothing is Garbage: It’s my believe that Allah Talah didn’t created anybody as garbage and everyone have a skill or purpose of life. I remember during my teen age I was also like purposeless or moocher. I got a chance to meet some of good people who mentored me and help me to make this believe that Nothing is Garbage. so just need to find that what’s my skill or what I can do in a better way and didn’t get bored.

Find out the Purpose: Its bit tricky but once we get find out purpose of life definitely our life is aligned with the purpose and helps to be more near to Allah. Everyone have a purpose given by Allah talah and they are aligned with them. some are giving jobs, some are changing mindsets and some are living like humans.

Stay Positive: It’s normal that on any failure we get negative or I can say that our surrounding people make us more negative thinkers and that happen due to our lack of trust in Allah. It should be our believe that whatever happen to us and better for us and its by Allah’s will.

Ignore Shits: Definitely it’s not 100% true that shits not happen, of course it happens and it happen to give us an opportunity to learn positivity and ignore negative things to keep progressing.

Happy Attitude: I agree that our society is most of the time negative and do not promote positivity. which actually demotivate us but believe me once we make our attitude of “Ignore Shits” the happy attitude will be increasing in personality and more energy will be supporting for more good things.

Smart Goals: SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time based). Our goals should be more smart as we will get more success. No doubt in first go a high level things are more scattered but we can implement divide and concur rule and break down the stuff into chunks to keep SMART goals.

Giving Attitude: Doesn’t matter how much you earn or get but the giving attitude increases the earning.

A quote by Ashfaq Ahmad:

Don’t increase your standard of living on raise in income, increase range of giving

I enjoyed that day in Faisalabad university and with me there are 3 more speakers.

Farhan Tufail, who is ceo of an IT solutions and talked on entrepreneurship

One speaker from Tedx and shared the ways of givings

Another male speaker, who’s talk was focused on communication and communication is the primary and main skill for students and professionals

Overall 150+ students attended our session and motivated that they will defeat their failure INSHALLAH.