Firefox Add-on(s) for Web Develoepers

Firefox Add-on(s) for Web Develoepers

Developers should need to install following add-on(s) for debugging and saving time.


  • Inspect HTML and modify style and layout in real-time
  • Use the most advanced JavaScript debugger available for any browser
  • Accurately analyze network usage and performance
  • Extend Firebug and add features to make Firebug even more powerful
  • Get the information you need to get it done with Firebug.


ColorZilla for Google Chrome is an extension that assists web developers and graphic designers with color related tasks – both basic and advanced.

ColorZilla includes a Color Picker, Eye Dropper, Gradient Generator and many additional advanced color tools.


Draw a ruler across any webpage to check the width, height, or alignment of page elements in pixels.

Note : you also can add these Add-On(s) from FireFox browser in Add-on(s) Menu Option and then search the name of add-on.