How to Re-Try

I have read many blog posts where authors have shared their views about to start a task or activity.

They have shared few tips or instructions to complete the task / activity successful.

Of course many people follow the tips/instructions and try to complete the task but there is no help for those who failed and now how to re-try.

So I would like to share my views about Re-try.

We need  to follow 3R methodology.

Review : Note down the things/activities in the last try and which are right and wrong. Try to do in correct way which were wrong and try to do in a better way which were right.


Refresh : Check with tutorials or seniors to refresh the overall methodology so next try should be successful


Re-try : We cannot learn from our mistakes till we do not Re-try and get success. so after every iteration, we need to re-try. (like an ant)


At end, I would like to request you all readers, to share your views about these R’s