How to Think Positively

How to Think Positively
  1. Understand the benefits of being a positive thinker
  2. Take responsibility for your attitude
  3. Make a plan to stop being a negative thinker
  4. Keep a diary to reflect your thoughts
  5. Identify your automatic negative thoughts
  6. Avoid “black and white thinking
  7. Avoid bullies
  8. Don’t take people’s words on heart
  9. Speak in front of them
  10. Replace thoughts
  11. Try music, read books on positive thinking, and stop seeing violating movies
  12. Go to a peaceful place where there are beautiful landscapes and pleasant comfortable weather
  13. Avoid “personalizing”
  14. Avoid “filter thinking”
  15. Avoid “catastrophizing”
  16. Avoid “fortune-telling thinking”
  17. Challenge all of your negative thoughts
  18. Replace the negative thoughts with positive thoughts
  19. Remember that thinking positively takes time
  20. Try new things
  21. Be more aware
  22. Explore your creative side
  23. Spend time with optimistic people
  24. Set meaningful goals
  25. Don’t forget to have fun