Idea Transformation

It was my first time to present a session in Bahria university to 3rd, 4th semester students regarding System Analysis. I converted that session into “idea transformation” and started on the basics that how to clarify the idea on which we have to work because roughly there are many ideas in mind but we cannot start on all but we can filters based on some analysis and find out the one filtered idea.

After selection, need to do detailed system analysis in which need to define problem statement, solution, business requirements, KPI (key performance indicators) and the most important Stakeholders.

Also, presented a feasibility report which contains a detailed system analysis of an Electronic Medical System.

Last segment was introduction to Agile Project Management and how to move next with the idea development under Agile Umbrella.

At end, I saw many students have bright in their eyes because they have a lot of things to do after my session to make that idea into a product / services which means my session helped them a lot.

Appreciation in Bahria University
Appreciation in Bahria University

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