Invest in a project

Well, its not money included in the investment of a project but yest its investment of time to make project successful.

Here I would like to share few of points which I learnt from an Agile Training.


  • I for Independent : Team should work independent and responsible for their work
  • N for Negotiable : Team should accept change requests (with-in the scope) and always having negotiable attitude
  • V for Valuable : Productivity should be valuable with respect to the main product/project
  • E for Estimable : Tasks should be fair enough estimable and considering the 4 factors of project management which are Cost, Scope, Time and Quality
  • S for Small : Make releases small not more than 2 weeks and definitely productivity will be increased
  • T for Testable  : Every developed part of release should be tested and also all test passed

So invest in your projects and make projects successful.