Led with Relaxed Intensity

This year, I again had the opportunity to be a part of organizing team for Agile Conference Pakistan #ACP2016. My Major responsibility was to manage the marketing campaigns, registration process and communicating with speakers and sponsors for the Conference. At the event day, I was fortunate enough to “Look Busy Do Nothing” guy, because management of the venue at the conference was managed by other organizing team and volunteers of our Agile Development Society Pakistan. Its like, I was just keeping an eye on all the things and intervene whenever needed.

That’s all because of well said quote :

Leader creates more leaders

I assigned roles with respect to organizing team member’s specialty and give them complete authority to achieve the goals.

In this way, I was feeling relax on the event day and the team was playing their role effectively. Event went great in which we managed around 250 participants from different cities and different industries.

As you know that I am founding member of the “AgilePK” society, so I wanted to make a system which shouldn’t be dependent on some person but it should be working independently.

I have been told by Mr. Mohsin Lodhi that “Leaders do not create followers, leaders create more leaders” and in this way, a system works for the organization.

So, this conference was just a test cases and it went successful.

Now, we are planning to follow same strategy for overall workings and processes of society.

At end, I would like to say special thanks to the team members who led their processes/activities and teams.