Noon with Project Managers

Closing note to future PMs at #IwillbePMPs Training

It was Saturday and great to see that future Project Managers were spending their Saturday to get training from Raheel Khokhar for PMP certification. It was not 2 or 4 days but it was around 8 Saturday(s) session and 4 hours a day session and definitely people sacrificed their 8 consecutive Saturdays with dedication of #IwillbePMP.

Participants were joined from Islamabad, Rawalpindi and Peshwar and they were keen to learn new stuff and complete this training. One female was joined from UAE remotely and attended all sessions.

I felt really very happy to see the people motivated to improve their careers and participate in #BetterPakistan.

I shared few of my lesson learned and shared announcement of ACP19 which will be on 2nd November Agile Conference Pakistan.