Presented A Talk on Backlog Management Checklist at #AgilePK Session

I have been invited to present a talk on Backlog Management Checklist as there are many misconceptions in IT industry with respect to Agile and its roles.

My fellow Mr. Syed Ahsan Ahmad presented real agile challenges while my talk focused only on the checklist.

I shared

  • Product owner and Team Members are directly involved with backlog management along client
  • Scrum Master will not participate as Scrum Master while he can participate as team member during backlog management
  • What should be the characteristics of a product owner as he is the main key role playing in backlog management and grooming
  • How scenario should be handled from Client adding few words in backlog
  • How Product Owner should interact with the backlog items and client’s entered pre-mature items
  • Discussion on real scenarios which we usually face on daily bases
  • Presented roles of Product owner and Project Manager
  • At end, shared few tips by which process can be optimized with less hurdles

Session Summary

Overall total 30+ participants were made this session successful from various IT companies of twin cities Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

I have been received a token of appreciation by Advisory Board Member Mr. Naeem Iqbal who have served 5 years as President of PMI Islamabad chapter.

He appreciated my efforts and suggested to keep continue with more deep analysis w.r.t culture and present to people so they can get relevant guidelines.