Product Management

I have played an important role “Product Manager” in a development of product which was for internal use in multiple offices.

Life cycle of process starts :

  1. Job announcement
  2. Pushing data to national job portals using curl
  3. Receiving applications along via email address
  4. Short list application based on criteria
  5. Short listed profile receive an email along username/password for personality test
  6. After personality test, an email generated to admin
  7. Admin manually schedule Technical interview
  8. After selection, complete reviews management also include in this process.

Further, executed few products using Agile/Scrum and worked as Scrum Master and Product Owner. Handled strategies, backlogs, releases, idea transformation, features and market trends.

Regarding tools, I most of the time managed products using Trello and redmine. Also, having good grip on jira, asana and producteev