Public Speaking

I speak publicly on life and management skills involves sharing knowledge and insights on important topics related to personal and professional development. Also includes, communication, time management, goal-setting, and problem-solving, leadership, teamwork, and self-motivation

Personal Development

  • Talks on motivation, and Goal setting
  • Talks on Productivity enhancement
  • Talks on Public Speaking

Career and Professionalism

  •  Speaking on job hunting, and networking
  • Speaks on Entrepreneurship
  • Also talks on Workplace culture

Technology and Innovation

  •  Speaking about latest trends in Technology
  • Technology Comparisons and Benefits
  • Artificial intelligence and Data Sciences

Education and Learning

  • Talks on study tips, and education innovations
  • Speaks on Active Learners techniques 

Health and Wellness

  • Talks on Exercise and Fitness
  • Speaks on Diet and Nutrition
  • Also, on mental health and wellness practices

Relationships and Communication

  • Speaks on communication skills 
  • Positive feedback and relationship building
  • Conflict resolution and team building