Sr. PHP Developer @ Zeropoint.IT

zplogosloganWorking in Zeropoint (PK Office). Executing a complete cycle of projects from requirement gathering to deployment and maintenance. Also my service management and communication skills are good which makes my clients happy.

Detailed list of My Duties :

  • Product and Service Management
  • Business Analysis
  • Developing generic modules
  • Designing SRS
  • Project Management
  • Implementation of Professional Development Programs
  • Demonstrates Working Knowledge and Expertise
  • Good Decision Making
  • Ability to Conduct and Evaluate Research
  • Setting Objective & Strategies and planning to achievement
  • Good Inter and Intra personal communication skills
  • Resolves conflicting objectives
  • Good in presentation of activities/plans/projects
  • Multitasking with target oriented
  • Writing scrappers (6+ per day) for client
  • Project Manager of Human Resource Application (Product)
  • Managing a version of HR application for a client (Recruiter in Belgium)
  • Wrote web crawlers for properties websites (Avg. 7 crawlers per day)
  • Provided Training on Quality Control and Agile
  • Using Libre Open since 2012

Zeropoint is a managed offshoring company founded in 2007. We bring the talent and experience of the people in Pakistan and Sri Lanka to European companies.