Why to Choose CakePHP

Why to Choose CakePHP

When we start working with CakePHP. We having experience of web development in PHP. We need to findout a framework on the following needs :

  • Fast Learning
  • Helpfull Documentation
  • Code examples to get clear idea of workings
  • Find opensource so easy to upgrade and integrate add-on(s)


Its important that which kind of developer we are and which sort of code we love to write. CakePHP is based on MVC (model, view and controller) and development tasks are some thing like this:

  • Controllers (for Business Logic)
  • Views (for Presentation Logic)
  • Models (for database validation and relational modeling)

Other benefits of CakePHP:

  • CakePHP is a cohesive framework
  • CakePHP is used by many large companies
  • CakePHP enjoys a huge community of users and contributors
  • CakePHP has been created in 2005 and here to stay with great helpful documentation
  • CakePHP ACTUALLY embraces the “don’t reinvent the wheel” philosophy
  • CakePHP understands that while innovating