Yes, we can do it

I know, you are looking into detail of this article that what we can do? But in fact, it’s all based on a theme “if we want to change the world, initiate by yourself”.

A very good quote came across to my mind that “We do not listen to understand but only to respond” and that’s the harsh reality.

We just respond, even we don’t know the facts and the situation. We want to participate in the flow of discussion even it’s right or wrong.

But doing that, we can not make it.

I know many people often saying about some governance issue or about government priorities  that:

  • “If I was the head of that department I would fix it like that”
  • “If I was at that post, I would do bla bla bla”
  • “If I was there, I would handle it like this way”

Here I would like to raise few questions:

  • Do you think all these efforts are dependent on some role or titles?
  • Is our loyalty towards our country need some higher post ?
  • Does every duty belong to government officials?
  • Are we not able to do something as a common citizen?

The answer is NO.

I know you are thinking that there is no LINK of these questions with the title of this post.

Here I would like to add reference from Quran. Translation from sorah asar:

“By the time, indeed man is in a state of loss, except those who believed and did righteous deeds, and exhorted each other to follow truth, and exhorted each other to observe patience.”

So, the success lies in believing in doing right things, following truth and being patience.

In fact these are the attributes by which I can face challenges as opportunities.

Here, I would like to share some reference from a speech presented by Sri Mulyani Indrawati at Higher Education commission Pakistan (Islamabad) in 2015 and published on World Bank Blog that Reduce poverty and build shared prosperity in developing countries. (Original Reference)

Too often we frame Pakistan purely in form of challenges instead of opportunities. Today, the question we should focus is How would it take for Pakistan to reach its full potential ?

As said in above speech, I took challenges as opportunities and Alhamdulillah achieved goals of first decade.

At end of 2006, (completion of my graduation), I set my goals as all do but I was interested to participate in country’s growth directly or indirectly.

Yes you are thinking that how one can participate in country’s growth while having no resources, no powers and no authority.

Here are my target and achievements of first Decade. (Alhumdulilah)

Title Targets Achievements
Education Master’s Degree Completed MBA (Project Management) in 2010
  • Web Development
  • Project/Product Management
  • 10 Years in Web Development
  • 6 years in Project/Product Management
Certifications At least one certification (ITIL / PMP)
  • Prepared for both but didn’t attempt (Till Nov-2016)
  • ITIL-Foundation Certified (3-May-2017)
  • Support/Guide up to 200 youngsters (students/beginners in career)
  • Be a part of national societies related to IT
  • Create at least one portal to contribute in web world
Health Not expected any serious issue
  • Got heart attack in Feb 2014
  • By-Pass Surgery operated in Mar 2014

This is not for self projection but just wanted to let you know that “Yes We Can Do It”. Either its on very small scale, like removing a stone from the path.

We can contribute at individual level to our beloved country’s growth which is not dependent on government job or political party. And of course it will be reflected positively.